Who Are the Mshikhanim?

Image of a congregation of Mshikhanim during worship in Indonesia.

There have been Mshikhanim in the world since the time of Yeshua Mshikha. The term “Mshikhani” means “a follower of the Messiah”. A Mshikhani is a devout disciple of Yeshua Mshikha. The term “Mshikhanim” is used to indicate the plural form of “Mshikhani.”

There are Jewish followers of Mshikha called “Netzarim”, the original Nazarene (Netzarim, Essene) followers of Yeshua. They adhere to non-selective Torah observance.

The Mshikhanim are the gentile followers of Messiah who observe the dictates of the Didache, gradually incorporating Torah observance as each one is able.

What do Mshikhanim do?

  • They worship the Creator, whom they know as Yahweh or various other renderings of the Divine Name.
  • They follow Yeshua the Messiah.
  • They follow the Covenant of the Didache.
  • They observe the Sabbath on Saturday as it was always intended.
  • They do not adopt the heresies, doctrines or creeds of false religions.

We believe the Miltha (the Word from Heaven, sent down by the Father) has appeared in this world many times, and is among us today. He is the King of the highest celestial beings — a celestial being of immense power far beyond that of angels and archangels.

We believe Yeshua is the Miltha. “The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.” (Read John 1:14)

To put this in perspective, if you took an early gentile community of disciples of Yeshua, and transplanted them into the modern era, guided by Melchizedek, the Teacher of Righteousness, you have the Assembly of the Mshikhanim.