The Assembly of the Mshikhanim is dedicated to missionary work among gentiles. We encourage non-Jewish believers to observe the tenets of the original Didache. All gentiles who love and follow Messiah are under this covenant, but most have no knowledge of it, let alone that its teachings form an actual covenant for the gentiles. Because of this, most gentiles followers of Mshikha have broken this covenant seeing as they never knew they were part of it in the first place. This is not their fault but the fault of wayward shepherd who deviated from the original teachings long ago.

The Assembly requires all new members to empty their cups of the “old wine” (false beliefs and presumptions) of their ancestors. What we mean by this is that if you come to this faith and this community with a collection of preconceptions formed from religions and scholars who have continued to reinforce a false narrative, you will never return to the original intent of Yeshua for the other sheep.

Only if a believer is willing to put aside false beliefs will they have any room for the truth as it has been revealed in the past and is being revealed in the present.

We are very serious about learning and living the commandments of the Didache. We will not turn away a sincere seeker.* If they are committed to the Father, to Yeshua and are willing to commit to the covenant, and are willing to live in accordance with the Three Pillars of this faith, they have a place here.

The Assembly of the Mshikhanim undertakes the Great Commission as given by Yeshua to the Apostles and disciples back in the First Century C.E. You will find a “How to Join” section on this site. If you are not serious about leaving the false doctrines of other religions, or are not serious about making changes in your life to make you a worthy disciple of Messiah, and are not willing to prepare yourself for entry into the Kingdom of Heaven, please do not seek entrance into this Assembly.
*(While are happy to welcome all sincere people into this faith and this Assembly, we do reserve the right to withhold admittance for those who have committed apostasy or heresy from other Religion of Light covenants and communities. If they are an offender of a covenant in one community, they cannot be accepted by another.)