Religious Attire

Simple Attire
All Mshikhanim are encouraged to dress simply, avoiding extravagance or vulgarity. Some religious attire can be expensive, thus the brethren should be encouraged to purchase what they can truly afford and never be extravagant.

Specifics for Men
In worship, men are encouraged to a white shirt and a head covering such as a kippot.

Specifics for Women
Women are encouraged to wear a white blouse or dress and an appropriate head covering like a shawl or scarf etc.

Head Covering
The head covering is only required during worship (specifically during Qurbana).

Wearing of the Tallit
Mshkhani congregations that can afford it should be encouraged to wear the tallit (prayer shawl). If an individual can not afford a tallit, a simple cloth or shawl can be made or purchased that is simple in design. Tassels can be made and attached.

Removal of Footwear
Many brethren are used to removing their shoes before service or at least before approaching the altar. Socks are permitted.

Mshikhanim do not use Tefillin.
The purchase and use of tefillin is discouraged. The congregation’s deacons and/or elders will not enforce the wearing of tefillin, however, if an individual wishes to do so in the privacy of their own home, they may do so, but not in the congregation. The use of tefillin is not a Mshikhani congregational practice.