Rulings of the Mshikhani Beit Din

Rulings of the Mshikhani Beit Din (Beit Yoseph)

The establishment of the Beit Yoseph (religious court of Br. Joseph), was authorized on January 2, 2018 by the Catholicos Patriarch.

Rulings prior to January 1, 2018 are currently being reviewed for adoption for the same court.

How are rulings developed?
Often times the rulings are based on the responses to various inquiries on a variety of subjects the affect the life of the congregation, family or individual Mshikhani. A ruling can not be established without consulting with the Teacher of Righteousness, the Catholicos Patriarch and the Holy Synod in general.

As Mshikhanim, we are all expected to apply the rulings in our congregation or private life, depending on the nature of the ruling itself. Brothers and sisters are encouraged to ask questions so that they have a clear understanding of a particular ruling.