Daily Declarations

It is believed that the Daily Declarations were developed by Mar Ya’aqub ha’Tzaddik, himself and presented to the Assembly of the faithful in the First Century C.E.

Mshikhanim recite this declaration daily, either as a part of their personal prayers, or they recite them communally if there is a religious service on that day.

“I declare myself to be a servant of the Creator Yahweh.

I declare myself to be one who worships the one and only Yahweh who is in Yeshua Mshikha.

I declare myself to be one who guards our Most Holy Faith from any attack by its enemy.

I declare my intentions to be steadfast in the belief of the Almighty who is made known through the Father, Son and Spirit of holiness, three aspects in One Supreme Head.

I declare my belief in the the Creator’s Son, Yeshua Mshikha, the only Son of the Father.

I declare my belief in the prophecy of Moses and the truth of Torah given through him.

I declare my belief in the written Word of the Father the Scriptures given to Moses and to the Prophets and in the Gospel of Yeshua Mshikha bar Alaha.

I declare my belief in the Fire of the Word from Alaha.

I declare that I will resolutely never permit the Fire entrusted to me as a servant of Yahweh to be extinguished as long as there is breath within my body.

I declare my rejection of those who encroach upon all that is sacred in the Holy Land.

I declare that the traditions and teachings given to us (through the Chosen Twelve) shall always be within my heart and on my lips, for it was they who gave us, through Adonai Yeshua:


Confession to Alaha and to man,

The doctrine (of the Twelve)*,
*(The Limudah)

The sacred ministry,

Anointing by the sacred oil of Yahweh,

The gathering together to break the Holy Bread of the Presence,

Raising up of the Cross before my eyes and before the peoples,

Assistance and prayer with anointing with oil of those who fall into illness,

And observance of and devotion to the Word of Fire* of Yahweh.

*(The Melekh ha’Tzaddik is the Word of Fire of Alaha-Editor’s Note.)

I declare my belief in the peaceful life, and I will not take up the sword against my brother.

I declare my belief in the Revelation of Yahweh through His servants the angels and spirits for the good of all mankind and in the progress to the Great Light of Yahweh.

I declare my belief in the gradual observance of Torah given to Moses and ratified by being sealed in the blood of the Lamb.

I declare that I will resolutely honour and defend the Chair of Moses (and the Throne of Ya’aqub and the Presence of the Archangel Michael through the continuation of the Twelve Holy Apostles who are always with us).