Holy Synod

The Holy Assembly of the Mshikhanim believes that Maran Yeshua the Messiah appointed Mar Ya’aqub ha’Tzaddik (James the Righteous) as the head of the original Assembly of believers. In modern times, the Mshikhanim try to follow the same pattern where applicable in a modern day setting.

The Holy Synod of the Mshikhanim

There are three senior earthly offices of responsibility in the Assembly: Moreh ha’Tzaddik (Teacher of Righteousness), Mebeqqar (Bishop), and Paqid (assistant to the Bishop). These three offices are what make the Holy Synod of the Mshikhanim.

Catholicos Patriarch

Mar David is the Patriarch of the Religion of Light which includes: The Assembly of Jerusalem. The Assembly of the Mshikhanim is a branch of the Assembly of Jerusalem. He is referred to as “His Holiness”, and addressed as “Your Holiness”.


Mar Andreos is the former Mebeqqar (Bishop) and Rabban. We are grateful for his service in overseeing the Assembly on behalf of the Tzaddik. The Mebeqqar is responsible for teaching and providing guidance for the entire Assembly.

Brother Joseph was appointed as the new Mebeqqar in 2018. He was born in Arkansas (U.S.A.) in 1967. From 2006 to 2017 he served as a deacon in a Christian denomination which later became affiliated with the Religion of Light — a religious organization consisting of numerous spiritual groups under one umbrella. Additionally he has been serving as a scribe and living as a consecrated hermit for several years. He was consecrated by laying on of hands by Mir Garendra in March 2014. In 2017, he became affiliated with the Assembly of Mshikhanim, continuing to serve as a deacon, and was appointed as Abbot for the Monastic Order of the Mshikhanim on February 9, 2017. Additionally he serves over the Mshikhani Beit Din, the religious court for Mshikhanim.

The Mebeqqar is the second highest ranking official in the Assembly of the Mshikhanim. Brother Joseph can be referred to as “Abba Joseph” or as he prefers, “Brother Joseph.”

(Abba Charles also serves in the capacity as Mebeqqar.)


Abba Joseph is also the Central Abbot for the Monastic Order of Mshikhanim. Until 2018, he also served as the Paqid (Overseer) for the Assembly until Brother Fernando was appointed on May 20, 2018. The Paqid’s main responsibility is to oversee the various orders within the greater monastic institute of the Assembly, serve as a sofer (scribe) and Hieromonk (monastic priest), as well as assist the Mebeqqar when called upon.

Brothers Joseph and Fernando live at a cloistered hermitage on a homestead in Little Rock, Arkansas (USA). On 20 February 2017, Br. Joseph received an additional blessing for his office by receiving the laying on of hands by the Tzaddik at a religious function in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In a formal setting, he is referred to as “Right Reverend Father Joseph” or simply as “Reverend Mebeqqar.” He prefers the name “Brother Joseph.”

The Paqid is the third highest ranking official in the Assembly of the Mshikhanim. In the ranking of priesthood, as Hieromonk he is the senior most priest below the Tzaddik. He is referred to as “Reverend Paqid.”


Within the Assembly of the Mshikhanim, there are multiple offices of responsibility but there is only one Tzaddik, currently two Mebeqqar and one Paqid. These work together to ensure purity in doctrine, clarity in teaching, and unity in the brotherhood.