Letter to the Mshikhanim from Rabban Mar Andreos

“Shalom to all Mshikhanim,

I hope you are all doing very well in Mshikha.

From the inception of this religious community formed with the blessing of the Tzaddik of the Assembly of Jerusalem, His Holiness +Mar Chaim bar Ya’aqub, this religious community of the Mshikhanim was inaugurated some time ago. The dream of this community was to establish a gentile body of believers devoted to living the Didache.

That was and has always been the primary purpose of the Assembly of the Mshikhanim.It has been a blessing to help establish this Assembly of Gentile believers in Mshikha.

This is why it is with a heavy heart that I leave you this day.

It is always the greatest opportunity to serve the sincere believers of the Heavenly Father and it was deemed appropriate by our Elders that my service could benefit one of the newly formed Sister communities to the Assembly of Jerusalem. It is an incredible blessing and I hope I serve honorably.

The Assembly of the Mshikhanim was created on a strong foundation and reaches back to the time of Yeshua and the first Gentile disciples of Mshikha. The Assembly has always been a community within the greater framework of the Holy Assembly of Jerusalem, overseen today, by His Holiness +Mar David, the Catholicos-Patriarch of the Assembly of Jerusalem.

The leadership of the Assembly of the Mshikhanim will be in the loving hands of Reverend Father Joseph. For any instruction or concerns you may have, you should direct them to Father Joseph from this time forward. Please be sure to send your messages via the Communications Desk.

The Assembly of Mshikhanim and its leadership will continue to help to deepen your faith and encourage you in your faith walk in this world. I know, if you remain loyal to this covenant and to those that Yeshua has anointed to oversee this Assembly, that you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven as promised by Mshikha so very long ago.

It is with love and brotherhood that I wish each of you the very best in living your covenant with Yahuah and in following in the footsteps of the disciples of Mshikha.

May Mar Yah bless and keep you, always.

Rabban MarAndreos”